Vale Street Centre Katoomba

[Download PDF] During Mental Health Month I pay tribute to the Vale Street Centre in Katoomba for its wonderful work. The centre provides a social and recreational service for people living with or recovering from mental illnesses. 

Formed under the auspices of the Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre, the Vale Street Centre provides a range of activities including yoga and meditation, arts and crafts, a writers' group and living skills courses. On a practical level, Vale Street provides essential services for free that at-risk members of our community often struggle to access. They include broadband internet, laundry facilities and a kitchen space. Run by staff in conjunction with participants, the Vale Street project helps to build resilience in people. Bren Sherring, the centre coordinator, does an excellent job of providing vital services to our community. On behalf of the Blue Mountains electorate I congratulate and thank her team on their efforts to build and strengthen mental wellbeing.