Vale Gihan Kerollos

On Saturday 18 May 2019 the life of a wonderful woman, a loving mother of three, was cut short when she was brutally murdered by her husband. Gihan "Gigi" Kerollos, was a nurse. Leaving work at the Prince of Wales Hospital campus in Randwick, she became the 24th Australian woman to be murdered in 2019. 

One year on this tragedy continues to impact her family, her friends and colleagues and her community. They are left wondering what they could have done to help keep her safe. Gigi deserved to be protected but on that particular night the system failed her. I pay tribute to Gigi's children and family, whose lives will never be the same. She will be remembered and mourned every anniversary, birthday and family celebration. Every Day. I pay tribute to her friends and colleagues, in particular Jackie Crombie, whose advocacy has given voice to Gigi's experience. Most of all, in this esteemed NSW Parliament, as we work toward implementing Coercive Control Domestic Violence legislation, I remember Gigi. I speak your name. Her name was Gigi. She was beautiful and kind. Gigi, you are loved and you will be remembered.