Urgent Action on Climate Change

My motion, which urges this House to recognise the need for urgent action on climate change and express concern that the Treasurer of New South Wales has defended climate change sceptics while describing spending on climate change as a "gratuitous waste", should have precedence tomorrow. It is crucial that we reorder business for tomorrow so that we can establish on the record in this place just how deeply the climate scepticism of the New South Wales Liberals runs and how the leadership of this Government is compromised by hard Right faction ideologues like Dominic Perrottet.


These hard-right ideologues parrot the stupid, moronic and embarrassing dribble of Donald Trump, with the Treasurer on Facebook going so far as to endorse Trump's views on hate speech, climate scepticism, xenophobic border policy and calling for a conservative spring in the wake of his election.

The SPEAKER: Order! The interjections from the Government side are unacceptable. I call the Treasurer to order for the first time.

Ms TRISH DOYLE: The Treasurer once described any government spending on reducing emissions and mitigating the impacts of climate change as a gratuitous waste of taxpayers' money. We live in a progressive State. New South Wales voters are concerned about climate change. This came through in the public polling before the State election and it continues to come through in polling ahead of the upcoming Federal election. Instead of heeding the call of its citizens, this Government is obsessed with hard right-wing ideologies which put the interests of big business ahead of meaningful action on climate change. That is because this Government and its leaders are joined at the hip to regressive climate change deniers such as Dominic Perrottet and the factional freak show—

The SPEAKER: I remind the member to establish priority, not debate the motion or attack the Government.

Ms TRISH DOYLE: The Treasurer must realise that in this country and in this State we are not hard Right reactionaries and the brand of Trumpian political nonsense that he is trying to transplant into this State will not stand. I call upon members to join me in voting to reorder business and prioritise this motion, because we must call out the Treasurer every time he tries to raise these matters and knock them on the head. This State once led the way with action on climate change under Labor. Under the Liberals, we have gone backwards. 

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