Tribute to Jim Tulip

Today I attended the funeral of Jim Tulip at Leura Uniting Church. James George "Jim" Tulip was born on 15 February 1934 and died at home peacefully on 5 April 2018 after a serious illness.

Jim was a prolific writer and teacher, and was regarded very well in the academic world. Jim wrote eloquently about poet David Campbell:

There is a surrealistic interplaying of human life: white and Aboriginal, flora, fauna, rock-face and art. The opening poem, "The Lovers" has this freedom. To make love is to know a quality of existence which makes time immaterial. It could be a moment or 10 thousand years.

Jim wrote, lived and loved beautifully. He had one of the sweetest souls this earth has seen. Today, I acknowledge his wife, the darling Peggy Goldsmith, and their extended family.

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