State Budget 2017

If the people of New South Wales needed any evidence why my motion should be accorded priority, they found it in the desperate and tedious efforts of Government members during question time today and the limp motion of the member for Tweed.

The Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, made no effort today to explain to the people why her budget is geared so heavily towards punishing low-and-middle-income earners. Instead, she used question time to once again whinge and complain about what Labor did in government 20 years ago.

I am sick to death of listening to the losers and has-beens opposite complain about what went on in the 1990s and what Labor did in government, which they disagreed with.

The world has moved on, and so should the Premier.

My motion puts forward three key present-day issues that are worthy of attention.

Today MsĀ Berejiklian had the nerve to use question time to complain that Labor removed the M4 tolls. What a shocking spectacle that was: Here was a Liberal Premier complaining that Labor removed a tax.

The Liberals of course are now enthusiastic tax collectors. The trouble is they only ever seem to shake down low-and-middle-income earners. They leave the big end of town and their mates in big business alone.

So the M4 tolls are coming back. If you use the M4, you will suddenly be paying $4.50 or more each way, each and every day. That is $2,200 per year for the five-day commute.

Western Sydney and Blue Mountains residents are angry.

Thanks, Gladys!

Then people will get home after work, turn on the light and the meter will be turning over more and more quickly.

The New South Wales Government went to court and fought to protect the right of the electricity companies to jack up prices. So people will pay another $350 or so a year to run the lights.

Thanks, Gladys!

In winter, people will be wishing they had an old log fire again because gas prices are going up too. The cost of living goes up repeatedly and Government members sit on their hands and say, "Let the market rip." The people of New South Wales just keep paying more and more.

Thanks, Gladys!

In the meantime, we have to sit through the embarrassing tedium during question time of Government members lobbing up daft questions for Ministers to try to take a free kick. What about a housing affordability package that forgets renters?

Thanks, Gladys!

But after 6Ā½ years in government this rump of no-hopers in the Liberal Party and The Nationals have run out of ideas and run out of energy.

Soon they will have run out of Premiers, and all they can do is carry on about "16 years of Labor".

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