Save Blue Mountains Schools and TAFE

NSW Liberal Premier Mike Baird has cut $1.7 billion out of TAFEs and Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott has cut $10 billion from the Gonski School Funding program.

Baird’s attempt to make government schools more ‘financially independent’ has meant that they have lost funding necessary for the extra support staff fundamental to the education of children with special needs and learning difficulties.

At the same time, Baird and Abbott have been increasing fees for TAFE and universities and cutting courses. Young people are being denied their chance at a future - completing an apprenticeship or a degree is now too expensive or the course is not available at a local TAFE.

Trish Doyle is a local teacher and parent who will stand up for quality public education so every child has the best start in life. It’s always been the Labor way to invest in schools, TAFE and universities. 

We the undersigned call on the Liberals to stop their cuts to schools, TAFE and universities. These cuts are limiting the opportunities of our young people to get the best education and set themselves up for the future.

GOAL: 191 signatures

Will you sign?