Regional Transport Infrastructure

The Berejiklian Government is desperately in need of a morale boost after successive question times that have left Government members feeling a bit flat and lifeless. The Government has had such a poor showing of late that it is a bit embarrassing.

So we have this pathetic, backslapping motion which is designed to cheer up members like the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Andrew Constance. 

The Minister is a little glum; he always looks unhappy. He haunts the corridors of this place like a morose and sullen poltergeist because he knows how hopeless and incompetent this Government is.

Mr Gareth Ward: Point of order: Clearly he is morose because he has to look at you lot.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: What is the point of order?

Mr Gareth Ward: My point of order is that calling the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure names is totally unnecessary and not relevant to the motion.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The member will refer to other members by their electorate or their title.

Ms TRISH DOYLE: It is pretty sad that the only positive that Government members can point to, when they slap one another on the back with nonsense motions such as this, is their record of pork-barrelling in regional electorates.

Unemployment in the bush might be rising and the economy outside of Sydney is stuffed, but The Nationals have had plenty of ribbon-cutting ceremonies to keep them busy during the weeks that Parliament does not sit, so they are happy.

The motion before the House mentions the delivery of infrastructure in regional New South Wales. I represent a seat that straddles the divide between outer metropolitan Sydney and regional New South Wales. In my electorate the Government is not delivering infrastructure investment, it is botching it.

Premier Berejiklian signed up for new trains that will not fit the tracks.

When the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure was asked on Ray Hadley's radio program who was to blame for these fat trains that do not fit the tracks, the Minister very quickly blamed Ms Berejiklian.

"It was Gladys's fault", he said.

I do not care if it is the fault of the Premier or Minister Constance. As far as the people of the Blue Mountains are concerned, the entire Government is incompetent.

It is incompetent because it bought trains that do not fit the tracks. It is incompetent because it sold the Land and Property Information Office and chose to blow the money on inner-city stadiums. It is incompetent because when Malcolm Turnbull reneged on a funding deal for our schools, this Government just accepted it. Earlier today it was mentioned that people in regional communities like Charlestown and Lake Macquarie have been waiting for traffic congestion and traffic corridor studies since 2015.

My electorate is still waiting too. [Time expired.]

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