Regional Infrastructure

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What a joke this motion accorded priority is, and what a joke this back-slapping Government has become. The member for Clarence is deluding himself with this motion. Services have been cut. There is no growth in full-time jobs. Full-time jobs do not exist.

TAFE has been eroded. The opening hours at Service NSW centres have been slashed, and suicide rates have increased as there are not sufficient services to deal with that.

It is a joke.

The unemployment rates in the Central West was 4.9 per cent when Labor left office and in August 2016 the rate was higher at 5.3 per cent.

 Total unemployed persons as at August 2016 was almost 6,000, more than 700 people unemployed in the area than when Labor left government. The proportion of part-time jobs since Labor left office has increased 35.7 per cent, an increase of 6.6 per cent.

We must create more full-time jobs in the regions. The Baird-Grant Government has an infrastructure program that is in tatters. Government members cannot talk about infrastructure programs as they are in tatters.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order! The member for Clarence will have the opportunity to respond.

Ms TRISH DOYLE: The member for Clarence is welcome at any time to visit the Blue Mountains electorate. He can bring a tape measure with him and I will show him that the Baird Government's new trains will not fit the Blue Mountains line.

It is a joke that the trains the Baird Government is buying do not fit our tracks. If the Government does not know how wide the tunnel is and does not bother to ask an engineer, it should not sign off on a procurement contract, which is what the Minister for Transport has done.

This is just one example of the incompetence, waste and mismanagement for which this Government is responsible.

Its infrastructure plan is built upon the assumption that public assets should be gifted to the private sector. That is why a publicly owned road, the M4, is set to be tolled once again.

The member for Clarence said absolute rubbish in relation to a record expenditure on roads. The Government takes a public asset and hands it to the private sector for nothing, and then forces motorists, the taxpayers, to pay exorbitant tolls.

We should scour the interests disclosures of those opposite and find out who among them owns shares in Transurban, the toll road operator that counts former Liberal Premier Nick Greiner among its staff.

Follow the money, that is what we should do whenever we see a new proposal from this Government. The trail begins in the pockets of ordinary taxpayers and winds its way to the coffers of Mike Baird's big business mates.

That is how it goes in Casino Mike's New South Wales. The House always wins.

The Baird Government is not just stuffing up infrastructure, it is also presiding over job losses, flat‑lined wages, and soaring cost-of-living increases.

It is incompetent, and its incompetence is leading to the destruction of TAFE where teachers are losing their jobs and students are losing the opportunity for a decent education. That is the legacy of this Government.

 The Minister was asked in estimates to rule out the sale of TAFE campuses in Orange, Scone, Singleton and Murwillumbah in regional New South Wales but he refused to do so.

The Government is privatising TAFE and allowing shonks in the private sector to rip off the taxpayer and students. We have seen evidence of the extensive rorting that has gone on in the private vocational training sector, and that is down to the Baird Government.

The Liberals are either incompetent or complicit in the rorts. It is up to them to decide which one they are.

The motion before us refers to jobs growth in the Central West. What jobs growth?

The unemployment rate in our regions is soaring and there is no evidence before us that anything this Government has done is improving the plight of the jobless in rural and regional New South Wales.

It is Mental Health month, and we know very well the relationship between joblessness and mental health, particularly in the regions.

Just as the unemployment rate is higher in the regions, so too is the suicide rate. People in Regional New South Wales are in despair. But this Government offers no hope or respite.

The only jobs on offer are in Sydney-centric projects or building trains in South Korea.