Pendragons Abreast Fundraiser

On Saturday 22 July I had the absolute honour of being invited to attend and speak at the gala fundraising event for Pendragons Abreast.

This group of women, all living with cancer or survivors of cancer, are nothing short of amazing. Their bravery and resilience is inspiring and a reminder to us all of the preciousness of life.

One cannot help but feel heartened when in the company of this dragon boating team from across Western Sydney.

There was, of course, a strong Blue Mountains contingent in attendance. The camaraderie amongst them, borne of shared experiences and stories, provides much-needed support among team members and, above all else, brings joy to these incredible women.

Many of us in the community have been affected by cancer in one way or another, either directly or by supporting loved ones with the disease.

The Pendragons team has taught me that, even in the midst of it all, giving up hope is never an option.

I will join the team this year for a "give it a try" day.

I look forward to trying to resurrect the Paddling Pollies for the annual Dragon Boat Festival in October.

Kudos to Sharon Cooper, Angie O'Reilly and Janette Fry for all their hard work.

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