Paul Trevaskis' 90th Birthday

On the occasion of his ninetieth birthday, I acknowledge and recognise the work of Mr Paul Trevaskis over many decades in his role as Honorary Secretary of the Blue Mountains Commuter and Transport Users Association.

Since 1983, when Paul Trevaskis and Ed McKenzie reformed the association to represent the needs of commuters in the Blue Mountains, the association has written many thousands of submissions and letters, made representations and held many meetings to raise awareness of commuters' concerns and needs. I first met the energetic Mr Trevaskis in 2003 when I was working for the Hon. Bob Debus, AM.

It was the first of many meetings, and our liaison around public transport issues have continued to this day.

Born on 25 April 1928, Paul Trevaskis was a long-term resident of Glenbrook and now lives in Bodington Aged Care Nursing home in Wentworth Falls.

I visited Paul recently to wish him a happy birthday and to discuss all things trains.

Paul Trevaskis, I thank you for your many years of dedication, knowledge, sharing and advocacy.

Good man! You are salt of the earth.

Enjoy the chocolates.

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