Olsen Family, Katoomba

I acknowledge and honour the Olsen family from Katoomba: Angus, Rachel, Holly and Jane.

Nine months ago, at just two years of age, little Jane was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma.

The family has been travelling to and from the Children's Hospital at Westmead on a regular basis ever since.

Jane's bright, sparkly personality sustains her and the world around her. As her dad said recently, "She's got so much energy, you'd never know she's in danger."

Yesterday Jane underwent serious surgery to remove a solid cancerous mass then prepare for another round of chemotherapy. She is recovering in the intensive care unit.

A family friend, Emma Argall, will shave her head this weekend to help with fundraising efforts to support Jane and her family.

The wonderful Peraltas will offer their art space, Gallery ONE88 Fine Arts, for the event.

The community will be there in force.

Jane's parents Angus and Rachel own CafeXpresso and attend the fabulous St Hilda's Anglican Church.

They are quiet beacons in their own community‚ÄĒloved, respected and supported beyond measure.

Jane came out of surgery and is doing well at the moment, I believe. Amidst the tubes and drugs there is an abundance of goodwill to see this brave little girl through.

You go, Jane! Blessed be.

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