NSW Public Transport Services

I notice that the Minister does not have the intestinal fortitude to hang around and listen to me.

My motion must be accorded priority because the farce that is this Government's mishandling and bungling of public transport matters must eventually come to an end. It simply has to stop.

The Minister for Transport and Infrastructure is on the record telling the people of New South Wales that in the ideal world of his boyhood fantasies, the New South Wales Government would not be providing public transport at all. Minister Constance is kept up at night with visions of a fully privatised transport system that delivers mega profits to big business and does not employ a single worker. The failed New Intercity Fleet procurement project is testimony to that.

We have a government that is so opposed to using skilled domestic manufacturers that it is ordering a discount train from overseas that does not fit the tracks. It beggars belief that now the Government has to spend hundreds of millions of dollars re-engineering the train lines, tunnels, platforms and signalling equipment between Springwood and Lithgow to make the new fat trains fit the tracks.

If we believe the transport Minister, the Government planned for this all along. But if that was the case, the Government would be able to put a dollar figure on the final cost, and it cannot. It did not know. It did not have any idea. If we believe the transport Minister, these upgrades are a good thing.

The trouble is that a tunnel built in 1905 from sandstone blocks cannot be made much wider than it already is. It is little wonder that the transport Minister's solution is to cut back on safety, rather than to cut into the tunnel walls to allow enough room for the trains to fit though.

We need to remember the last time the transport Minister had a bright idea: the timetable fiasco. The transport Minister was advised by his workers that the new timetable would not work, but he pressed ahead anyway. He did not hire more drivers or lay more tracks; he simply pressed ahead and pushed the train network to its absolute breaking point. Here we go again.

Do we trust the "Minister for Incompetence" when he says "Trust me: This will work fine"? I do not trust the Minister at all. I have completely lost faith in his capacity to do the job—and if we walked outside and asked Joe Public what he thought, I am sure that would be his view too.

The Premier must sack the Minister. She must not compromise on safety. She needs to sack the Minister and save what she can of the transport system.

When Labor comes into government in 2019 we will have to fix the bungled mess of the no-hopers opposite.

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