Murray Valley State Forest

This motion is about a great initiative under a great Premier and how great it is to grow our national parks and support ecosystems. This is about the iconic mighty red gums and unique forests.

The Murray Valley National Park was created on 1 July 2010 in a major win for environmental conservation. We welcome the fact that over the past six years The Nationals have taken no action whatsoever to strip the red gum forests of their conservation status. 

This motion should be about understanding that while The Nationals paid lip service to returning to commercial logging, in truth they have taken no steps to do that. We congratulate The Nationals once again on saying one thing in the electorate of Murray and doing the opposite in Sydney.

Once again it gives me great pleasure to speak in this place about national parks as they are a standing legacy of Labor's environmental record in New South Wales.

I have made note in the past in this place that New South Wales would be unrecognisable today without the huge estate of national parks gifted to the people of this State by former Labor governments and former Minister for the Environment Bob Debus. Bob Debus's work as environment Minister during the 1990s and 2000s is the lasting and enduring legacy of a man who is rightly revered as one of the greats of this Parliament.

More than 350 new national parks were declared by Bob Carr and Bob Debus in that time. Between 1995 and 2011, Labor added more than three million hectares to the national park estate.

As has been mentioned in this place before by the former member for Marrickville, when Bob Debus was Minister for the Environment he gazetted more national parks in one day than the former Coalition Government gazetted in its entire term of office.

I am delighted to see the lapdogs and doormats of The Nationals trying to kick up a stink about Labor's legacy on environmental issues because it gives us the opportunity to reflect on the excellent work of the Labor Government and the wonderful legacy left by Bob Carr and Nathan Rees for our environment.

This motion is about The Nationals being a sorry lot.

They come into this place and whinge about preference deals, they whinge about being challenged in formerly safe seats and they whinge about being forced to work hard in by‑elections.

That is what this motion is about.

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