Hawkesbury Heights Walking Trail

Today I acknowledge the members of the Hawkesbury Heights community who have worked with me to improve the access and amenity of Hawkesbury Road for local residents.

The Hawkesbury Heights community has been asking for a walking track for years. This vital and relatively simple infrastructure is desperately needed.

 In 2015 NSW Labor committed $100,000 for a walking track between the Hawkesbury lookout and Winmalee shopping centre along Hawkesbury Road. I call on the State Liberal Government to do the same.

This pathway will benefit kids who walk or ride to school, parents with prams, walkers and older people who access this route regularly.

I particularly acknowledge residents, including Melinda Pearse, Kathleen Denbrok, Gerard Murphy, Dan Dunn, Lynette Monahan, Rebecca McHardy, Kerry Herger and Kim Dwyer for their persistence.

I acknowledge the efforts of Susan Templeman, member for Macquarie, in seeking funding from the Federal Government for this project.

I also acknowledge Councillor Shae Foenander.

I pay my respects to Allan Hyslop. He walked the road each day and he passed away recently.

I acknowledge his contribution to the community.

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