Dying with Dignity

I acknowledge three of my incredible constituents—Anne and Paul Gabrielides and Coralie Richmond.

Each of those people has the most compelling stories to tell of their lives and about debate last week on the recent assisted dying bill that regrettably did not become law in New South Wales.


I thank and honour Annie whose strength and capacity to explore the critical issues around choice for the terminally ill has moved me and many others beyond words. It will stay with me forever.

I was honoured when she asked me to be her voice in the Dying with Dignity and change.org campaigns to speak her words as she is no longer able to do so.

I thank Paul for his strength in enduring his own pain, for his unfailing love and support for Annie, and for his good humour. Paul argued with integrity, patience and love. He said, “Listen to the families. Ask them what their loved ones want “. He said, “This is about self-determination”.

The compassion and vibrancy of Coralie in explaining one of the more horrific stories I have ever heard deserves public acknowledgement.

I thank her for her efforts in visiting Parliament, the long train trip and the hours she gave up to sit and talk with legislators.

I honour all those people for their generosity and humanity as we discussed death.

This is part of life.

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