Domestic Violence Leave

I am proud to stand here first and foremost as an ASU delegate and member, and I am also privileged to be the Member for Blue Mountains and this is actually the first time I have spoken at Conference.

As I revealed in my inaugural speech to NSW Parliament, I was a kid who grew up in a home that was riddled with domestic violence, alcohol and poverty.

Today I am honoured and I am compelled to speak, not only in Parliament, in the pub, in the streets and at this conference about domestic violence, but it is the topic of conversation, of national conversation, and we must move to legislate to make changes.

We have to be the party that walks the talk.

We cannot rely on good employers to provide domestic violence leave and care for their workers who are in vulnerable and unsafe situations.

We can’t and we shouldn’t rely on benevolence.

We can’t rely on good people and charities to fundraise for our services and our refuges.

We can’t just hope for some good measures from governments.

We need Labor Governments to legislate and fund women-led refuges and services and we need to legislate for family and domestic violence leave.

So, for all those kids out there who, like me, were scared every night whether they and their mum would live to the following day, I say ‘We won’t wait’.

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