Cynthia Walker Memoir

Cynthia (Cindy) Walker spent 22 years living in the Rainbow Lodge, first in the Hawkesbury then in the Blue Mountains' beautiful Woodford.

This was a time when people with disabilities were institutionalised, shut away from the world with few opportunities.

But with the Richmond report reforms, Rainbow Lodge was closed and Cindy left to live independently.

At the age of 42, this was scary for her but she is a resilient woman who approaches life with passion, dignity and a sense of humour.

Recently I launched Cindy's memoir entitled Every Picture Tells a Story. It was a moving occasion.

The event was attended by many who love and respect this remarkable woman.

I encourage all members in this place to read this fabulous book—it will have them laughing and crying.

I acknowledge the wealth of support provided to Cindy in the production of this important book, in particular, Sister Marie O'Shea, Laurie Woods and Alan Walsh, who assisted Cindy to achieve this important milestone.

Congratulations to Cindy and her editor, the wonderful Sue Withers.

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