Blue Mountains Black & Silver Ball

Last week I attended the Inaugural Black and Silver Ball organised by Margie Gargan, Ken Devine, Michael Small and Jenny Montgomery on behalf of the Upper Blue Mountains Sunrise Rotary.

The ball was well supported, raising around $10,000 for Wentworth Community Housing's Ending Homelessness project.

On the night we heard Margie's own story. Margie is in her sixties and is educated and smart. She became homeless due to a crisis in her life. She explained the distress and isolation she experienced. Margie did not know who to turn to for help. Margie never imagined that she would be in this situation herself. She explained that if this could happen to her, it could happen to any of us.

I congratulate the efficient organising committee, the entire Sunrise branch and other club members from the mountains who came along; Eric Sward, managing director, for gifting such a beautiful space for the evening's event at The Mountain Heritage Hotel and Spa Retreat; all the fabulous contributors to the silent auction items, especially artist Tanya Loviz ; Melissa Grah-Mclntosh; and the innovative and important work of Jenny Ranft and her team at Wentworth Housing in helping those most vulnerable in our community.

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