Blue Mountains Australia Day Awards

I acknowledge the Australia Day Award recipients in my electorate of the Blue Mountains and our newest Australian citizens.

I congratulate Blue Mountains Citizen of the Year, Mrs Carmel Higgins, for her lifelong contribution to women's sport, and particularly for her devotion to mentoring, coaching and organising netball for almost 50 years.

The Young Citizen of the Year was Andrew Gunn, who won the award for his substantial efforts in a range of youth services, particularly as a Blue Mountains youth councillor.

The Community Achievement of the Year Award winner was the Springwood Foundation Day Committee 2017, which won the award for organising a very successful event.

On behalf of the Blue Mountains community, I congratulate and formally welcome all who took the pledge to become Australian citizens this year.

Our nation, our people, our communities, and our culture will be all the richer for their having done so.

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