Mike Baird's Broken M4 Promise


You might have read recently that the Baird Government is planning to reintroduce tolling on the M4 motorway in late 2016 or early 2017.

In 2010, Labor abolished the old M4 tolls after drivers had paid off the cost of building the motorway. At that point it became a 100% publicly owned road.

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My Submission to the Airport EIS

With the deadline for submissions to the Federal Government's draft Environmental Impact Statement closing on 18 December 2015, I have made my own personal submission to the public consultation process in addition to the more than 1200 personal submissions I have received through my office which I will deliver to the government in Canberra.

Click to download a PDF copy of my submission.TD_submission.PNG


EIS Submissions Template


The Federal Government's new airport WILL have a huge impact on our lives.

The revelations so far are that there will be no curfew, there will be a concentration of flight path merge points above the lower Mountains, and there will be no rail infrastructure links to alleviate the road congestion exacerbated by the new airport. 

The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, must do a better job than he has so far in explaining to our community what the impacts of his airport will be on our area.

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Airport Environmental Impact Statement

I welcome today's release of the Western Sydney Airport Draft Environmental Impact Statement, but as the airport is further developed by the Federal Government, the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull must do a better job of communicating with our community about the impacts - environmental, noise, congestion etc - his Government's airport will have on our lives.

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Badgerys Creek Concerns

I am still very concerned at the lack of detail provided to our community about the Badgery's Creek Airport proposal. 

When the proposal was first put forward by the Abbott Government & supported by the Baird State Government, NSW Labor offered bi-partisan support that was conditional upon the following critical factors:

1. An updated (and independent) environmental impact statement;

2. Information provided to the public about curfews;

3. Information provided to the public about flight paths and noise;

4. More information required about employment opportunities and infrastructure with rail in-built as part of the design process.

These conditions have not yet been met. Consequently, I remain sceptical about offering my support to the entire proposal.

Furthermore, a potential obstacle has re-emerged in the form of our Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage listing under threat from UNESCO. 

I await further details from the Abbott Government about these important factors before giving my support to any airport proposal.

In the meantime, it is important to remember that - as a decision within the remit of the Federal Parliament - this is something for which the Member for Macquarie, Louise Markus MP, must take responsibility.

I hope and expect that as our local Member in the Federal Parliament, Mrs Markus will communicate with the Blue Mountains community about the impacts arising from her government's decision to go ahead with Badgerys Creek.