Birriban Bushcare

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Last week I had the pleasure to attend the launch of Katoomba High School's Birriban Bushcare Group and cultural space.

The group was established as a means of increasing Aboriginal cultural awareness based on the impacts of wet, dry and fire as well as humans on flora and fauna.

As part of the learning process, students participate in cultural awareness training. Students then apply this knowledge to the Aboriginal garden.

A team of 23 students worked regularly and tirelessly to rehabilitate the school's land.

The Birriban group has won a number of awards, including the Junior Landcare Team and Indigenous Land Management Awards.

I acknowledge some of the fantastic Landcare team, including Monica Nugent and Nick Franklin; the fabulous, dedicated teaching and support staff, including Michelle Pauley and Becky Chatfield; and the inspirational mentors, including Peter Christmas, David King, Gary Rule, Elly Chatfield, Steve Ahern and Josh Dodson.

I commend the school's leadership in Jenny Boyall and Emma Le Marquand, particularly, and their willingness to engage community in both respecting and celebrating culture and country.