National Domestic Violence Remembrance Day

I thank the member for Maitland, the shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, for bringing this matter of public importance to the attention of the House. I also thank the member for North Shore for her contribution to this debate. Continue reading

St Florian's International Day of the Firefighter

I am pleased to contribute to debate on this important motion. I thank the member for Holsworthy for moving this motion and I thank the member for Fairfield and the member for Heathcote for their contributions. International Firefighters' Day, as we have heard, is observed each year on 4 May when we are invited to remember past firefighters, especially those firefighters who have died while serving our community and those who have dedicated their lives to protecting all of us. Continue reading

National Road Safety Week

I acknowledge National Road Safety Week in the New South Wales Parliament. Roads infrastructure is important for every electorate, but few more so than the Blue Mountains electorate. The highway is a way of life for almost every resident of the Blue Mountains. Not only is it our connection to jobs and commerce in Sydney or Lithgow, it is also our main arterial road between each village and town to the shopping centres of Springwood, Katoomba and Winmalee. Likewise for constituents in Mount Wilson, Mount Irvine and Mount Tomah at the northern end of my electorate, the Bells Line of Road is a similar fact of daily life for every resident. Continue reading

Timor Leste

The Blue Mountains community enjoys a close relationship with the people of Timor-Leste. We are a small region, yet we host several East Timor support groups, and many individuals have undertaken fundraising and volunteer roles in East Timor. Today, Timor-Leste enjoys a period of growth and stability. However, following the 1999 referendum for independence, a campaign of violence was unleashed. Continue reading

May Day 2018

Today I acknowledge that it is May Day, International Workers Day, and I congratulate the members of worker collectives, otherwise known as unions, who are out in the street today encouraging people to join their union. Continue reading

Tribute to Jim Tulip

Today I attended the funeral of Jim Tulip at Leura Uniting Church. James George "Jim" Tulip was born on 15 February 1934 and died at home peacefully on 5 April 2018 after a serious illness. Continue reading

Youth Homelessness

I speak on today's matter of public importance, youth homelessness. I thank the member for Bankstown for raising this important issue. We all come to this place to represent our communities and to advocate for the most vulnerable people in those communities. There are few people more vulnerable than the homeless, and particularly young people who are sleeping rough. As a State, we need to do much more to address the growing issue of homelessness. Continue reading

Regional Roads Infrastructure

The Blue Mountains electorate is often misunderstood by residents of Sydney, bureaucrats and other politicians in this place. It is easy to think of the Blue Mountains as a single community or a contained physical entity. However, stretching over 60 kilometres along a narrow ridgeline, my electorate is the same width as Sydney itself. Continue reading

Blue Mountains Netball Association

On Saturday 8 April, I attended the opening ceremony of the 2018 winter competition with the Blue Mountains Netball Association. This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of netball in the Blue Mountains. Continue reading

Labor's Workers Compensation Reform Bill

The Workers Compensation Amendment (Protection of Injured Workers) Bill 2017, which was introduced by the member for Cessnock, deals with journey claims, weekly payments and other matters. Labor's shadow Minister for Finance, Services and Property introduced this bill to seek to redress some of the most extreme and harmful negative impacts of the O'Farrell Government's changes in 2012 to the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme. Continue reading