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  • commented 2017-11-10 14:56:06 +1100
    Hello Ms Doyle MP,
    I would like to bring up a topic of concern I have, in the hopes that you can help be a voice in parliament for many on the topic of all Codein tablets requiring prescription in the new year.
    Let me give my my story so that you might understand why this is such a bad idea for myself and many i believe in a similar situation. I suffer from Cluster headaches. The popular nickname for cluster headaches is “the suicide headache” as some people who experience these rare headaches have actually committed suicide just to alleviate the pain. No I haven’t been diagnosed by a doctor on this, I have been told by numerous doctors that I would 1. have to be experiencing a headache at the time when I see the doctor and 2. would have to experience the full strength of the headache without medication to be tested at the time. I can not be moved when experiencing a cluster headache and I would rather die than have to experience the full effect of one while being poked and proded during one. I would never purposely experience one if I can avoid it, I would also have to book in advance to get in to see any doctors in the mountains and/or wait in the waiting room for an hour or more even if had a booking since most doctors in the mountains are pushed over capacity. I know through extensive (years and years) of personal research and discussions with those who suffer the same as I do, that I do have cluster headaches and identify with all of the symptoms. For that reason I carry mersyndol tablets with me on hand at all times. They are a painkiller which contain codeine and it is necessary that I have two as soon as I feel the symptoms of a cluster headache and sleep it off for 3 hours to avoid the full headache, which is beyond excruciating. I have tried migraine medication which was unsuccessful and other headache tablets which have had no affect. If I don’t catch it early enough I will spiral quickly to a point of no return which involves a pain similar to what I imagine a metal pole through the eye and out the other side of the head to feel somewhat like or a shotgun wound to half the head, it is accompanied by violent vomiting from the pain. There is no known cure for these kinds of headaches and little is known to the medical world in regards to them so managing them the best I can is the only option.
    In order for me to get a prescription for these tablets I would need to be tested and diagnosed which is torturous to ask. I have been living with Cluster Headaches for all of my adult life, I have a family and work full time. I am not a codeine addict or a drug addict of any type. I will have two tablets a month, maximum 4. I don’t understand why a register, like sudafed can not be used. With doctors already pushed to extremes to meet demands of the community this is an added and unnecessary pressure. A register has worked efficiently for sudafed and I do not see any logical reasoning as to why it can’t be used in this case as well.
    I appreciate your assistance in being the voice for the community on this.
    Kind regards
    Amanda Winchester
  • commented 2017-06-22 22:51:55 +1000
    OH I forgot to mention below, The alternate routes to the M4 can not handle the extra load of people who want to avoid the M4. So the story that there are viable alternate routes is a lie. They are already fully clogged roads. Parramatta road cannot even handle the traffic at midnight when the freeway has been closed for upgrades.
  • commented 2017-06-22 22:44:11 +1000
    Stuart Ayres belief that Labour is being hypocritical opposing the M4 toll, when Labour supported the M7/M2 /Lane cove Tunnel does not stand. As the M7/M2 and Lane cove tunnel were new roads and optional to travel on. Extending the M5 Toll for 34 is an unjustified weak move. If Westconnex cannot be funded on its own merit, then don’t build it . The M4 road is an existing free road with the plan to tax it at an unreasonable amount. The suggestion that people not willing to pay can take alternate routes is akin to bullying. I have no problems with whatever toll they want to charge on the new Westconnex tunnels.
  • commented 2017-06-22 22:01:28 +1000
    There was meant to be a debate about the M4 Tollway. The debate was cut short so this was not a debate. I demand that the debate be rescheduled at the earliest time possible with ample time scheduled to complete the debate. I wish for MrAyres to convince the public why charging 20 billion dollars over 40 years for a 1/2 billion dollar M4 upgrade is good for the community and why we are being charged a toll at all for this upgrade when our taxes pay for roads. If he cannot convince us, then it is his job to do what the community wants and at minimum drop the toll once the M4 widening has been paid for and charge an appropriate toll on the genuine new sections of road in the Westconnex system. It is very simple. Thank you, Paul Topic
  • commented 2017-04-06 11:08:25 +1000
    Hi Trish,

    Has anybody noticed the the proposed new Intercity trains have a suburban floor plan? Instead of inner doors , as on the V sets, the stairs go straight to the entry door area, meaning that, every few minutes on winter mornings, the heat will be lost when the doors open.
    It has been said that station platforms would need to be shaved back due to the new trains being wider, beyond Springwood, all stations except Mount Vic have island platforms, so they would only need the tracks to be slewed over a bit- but it doesn’t make up for getting the wrong trains!

    Ian Grant.
    17 mount York Road,
    Mount Victoria.
  • commented 2017-01-11 20:44:47 +1100
    The whole county knows that the Blue Mountains is cancelling Anzac day marchs because of money. The whole country know that our government and council think so little of the men and women that gave there all so we could have this wonderful life in a free country.
  • commented 2016-11-17 23:23:12 +1100
    Very disappointed with NSW Labor preferncing the Shooters party at the Orange by-election.
  • commented 2016-10-24 09:42:37 +1100
    I was happy when I heard about the ban on Greyhound racing. I do understand the pressure for the government to reinstate this sport. My message is to ask you to ensure that Greyhounds do not suffer again. I would like to see the sport banned (and horse racing), but realise this will not happen again. Please please ensure the welfare of Greyhounds. Impose severe penalties, including prison sentences, for any neglect, abuse or live baiting. Kind regards.
  • commented 2016-07-18 16:54:24 +1000
    Dear Trish, I too would encourage you to tell Mr Foley not to support the greyhound industry. this is not the issue to differentiate labor from the liberals. Greyhound racing is so wrong on so many levels
  • commented 2016-07-11 11:20:54 +1000
    Trish, please tell Luke Foley he’s wrong not to support the total ban on greyhound racing. Its an industry beyond reform and a lot of people hope the ban spreads nationally.
  • commented 2016-05-16 09:04:10 +1000
    So good to see you using NationBuilder, great software methinks :)